01 Fall Winter Collection 22

The 01 collection Fall Winter 22 collection lives on a dual identity, both semantic and visual, and the idea of contrast reigns in the color and fabric palette.

The woman leaves behind the two years of difficulty, represented in the collection by a cloth of rough and thick wool, a hard anthracite gray, to land at a new desire to discover the world: the vision of rebirth of the future is symbolized by the powder-colored wool cloth, delicate and feminine, and by the exuberant lemon yellow mohair cloth. In the middle, between the two worlds, stands the elegant burgundy color that well encloses the essence of Solleciti: a luxurious, deep, timeless shade that serves as a bridge between old and new.

As well, the details of the collection live the same story: some garments remind us of the rupture with the past by frayed edges, while others praise joy with embroidery of large stones, exuberant bicolor jacquard and fluffy inlays of mongolia.

As is usual for Solleciti, silhouettes are comfortable and the volumes are soft but graceful.

The man, in agreement with the woman, lives this moment of rebirth in the name of a young classicism, dominated by English twisty fabrics and garxed wool cloths combined with unusual volumes, always elegantly coordinated.